Restored Sofas


Why does a sofa need a restoration?

Many times people used to think the restoration of a sofa is just a “patch” or an economic solution, but it is not always the case: the restored sofa is a new sofa.

The decision to restore it comes from the idea that despite your sofa gets old, the line and the model is still the right one for you.

Our task is to give it a new life. How do we make it? The old sofa is disassembled up to the frame.

At this point there is an evaluation of the frame (if it is necessary, we will repair or reinforce it) in case of classic seats (for example with wood beams) an operation of wood restoration is carried out.

When the frame is evaluated and reinforced, we can proceed with the upholstery following the customer requests and if he would like to keep the same style, the upholstery will be realized exactly as the original one.

If the customer wants to modify the seats, the artisan will be at his disposal to satisfy his requests. Like for bespoke manufacture we offer the possibility to choose between a wide range of the best quality fabrics. What’s the result? A second life for your old sofa.