In addition to the production of sofas and armchairs, C e G offers bespoke padded furniture: decorative panels: on customer request, we’ve realized a decorative panel, cut according to the dimensions the customer gave, in order to “fill” the wall.

It was realized using a wooden panel (poplar sheet or plywood), foam rubber and, in this case, fine leather with capitonnè manufacture (kind of padding in which the outer surface is quilt at equal distances so as to form a regular pattern, for the most lozenges).

These panels can be used to cover walls, tables, to beautify and give a touch of originality at your room.

Beds (headboards and footboards): we are specialized also in the production of headboards and/or complete beds.

The style of the headboards can range over the classic style, the modern ones to others with an absolutely unique design. The materials in which they are made, guarantee quality and durability, (the frame is made in solid poplar wood, the straps are crushproof and the padding is made with top notch foam rubber).

We offer you a complete product, from the bed to the latex mattress or the classic woollen one. Pouf (stools, ottomans, footrests) of different shapes: Pouf can be very important in the enrichment of the furnishing, especially if they’re realized like artwork.

How? They can be produced in every shape and dimension; for example like the ones realized in collaboration with the artist and stylist Carla Tolomeo, transforming the production of pouf and benches in a new brilliant way of making art and to furnish your house with originality and taste at the same time.