Bespoke sofas


The strength of an artisan firm is the development of bespoke products that are thought and built on the needs of the customer.

How do we make it? We start from the choice of the model, be it from our catalogue, one brought by the client, a sketch or a simple idea that our artisan will study in depth.

The chosen model will be adapted on customer’s needs.

Anything can be modified: dimensions, softness, lines and obviously the fabric.

An expert and qualified staff will follow the customer all over the process, giving advice and all the information required. About the fabric: we offer a wide range of the best classic and modern fabrics. Once the design phase is concluded and approved, we can start the manufacture process.

The stem is made in solid poplar: light and strong. Completed the stem, we can start the padding.

The customer could choose between different types of padding.

Traditional: used for classic padded furniture and antique seats, it is the manufacture handed down by antique master craftsmen. We employ traditional materials like vegetable or animal’s horsehair, jute canvas, jute straps and helical springs.

This kind of upholstery gives quality to the seat thanks to the refinement of the materials (today hard to find) and to the craftsman’s work. Modern: specific for modern products, contemporary materials, like polyurethane foam in different densities (foam rubber) and crushproof straps are employed.

This type of manufacture allows the craftsman to adapt the product to the customer.

In this way, choosing between many densities of foam rubber (for the cushions padding), we can find exactly the comfort the customer is looking for.

The selected product, could have fixed or removable fabric according to the requirements. At the end of the manufacture the result will be a fine, high quality, comfortable and unique product.